Please help support the continued development of AZIndex, particularly if you are using the plugin in your work or as part of a for-profit website. All contributions, no matter what size, will be gratefully received.


I am working on creating a forum as a better way to people to provide feedback and ideas, and report problems. Until then, please use this page to give your feedback on AZIndex.

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127 comments to Feedback

  • Hey I’ve been using this plugin and it’s been really great so far.

    Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a way to filter out the word “the” from alphebetization WITHOUT also filtering the letter “T”. I can get it so “The Brothers Bloom” goes under B, as it should, by putting “the” into the exempted characters list, but when I do, “Troll 2” also removes the T from alphabetization and places that review under “R”. If I remove the “the” exemption, The Brothers Bloom and Troll 2 both go back to the “T” section.

  • Benz1

    Brilliant plugin! Is exactly what I was looking for but would be great to have an option to sort in reverse order (or is there an easy way to do it that I haven’t found?).


  • Hi, there is something strange in the Index header. Have a look:
    1 5 7 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y A D E W U ? ~

    Why is there an “A D E W U” again after “Y” ?

  • Very Cool. Do you have a way of indexing a folder of pdf files so that google will index them as part of a WordPress site.

  • hello

    I just installed the plugin as per the tutorial and make one index by just pressing “add index” button. It is creating draft page for me. I previewed that page, but nothing is coming on that page. It shows me blank page. Why it is so ?

    please help.

  • dan

    Great plugin!!

    Quick question on implementation. I want to have a separate sub index for every category. I try to implement it into the category description but it does not work. I’ve tried using various html plugins in order to have html access to the category description, but it does not work either. any ideas?

  • Hi, you did awesome job, thank you for the plugin.

    I hope, you’re planning to add Russian to the language set.

  • I really like your implementation of this plug-in. Besides offering all the versatility that I had hoped for (plus more), it is very intuitive to use. Thanks for your plug-in, your excellent documentation on this site and your support of your product. I hope you’ll come visit my site in 30-days when I have it up and running!

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  • I start thinking that something bad happened to the author of the plugin, since posts here remain without answer, the plugin is not fixed for WP 2.8, and spam sex messages posted on the blog are not deleted.

  • flo

    hey how much ram did i need for gennerate a index for 60000 artikels ???
    and did azindex gennerate every time for all artikel or only for the new ons ???
    i hope it add only the new ones!!! than its do bad to gennerate everytime for all agin…

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 348127232 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7167275 bytes) in /home/ogue/domains/public_html/wp-content/plugins/azindex/az-index-content.php on line 194


  • When using Categories as the Index Heading the heading sometimes does not issue a linefeed and ends up on the right of the first item. See “Index” tab on at:

    Great plug-in!


  • Rodger Turner

    I was trying your plug-in on a site I’m putting together. I noticed that IE8 displays a page using your index differently than IE7. The category is displayed then the posts for the category but the first post doesn’t begin on a new line. So the post link is superimposed upon the category. I had a look at your code and, to get it to display properly, I inserted a ≡br≡ near the end of line 187 (where Alt-240 or ≡ represents which won’t display prperly in this code reply):
    $output .= '≡li'.$charlink.($odd ? ' class="azalt"' : '').'≡'.'≡span class="head"≡'.$item['head'].$cont.'≡/span≡≡br≡'.$cr;

  • rop

    I love this plugin. However, for now I just need to index the content of one page. How can I accomplish this?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hope the author of the plugin is OK.
    As someone mentioned before he hasn’t posted since
    March I think and there’s quite a bit of spam
    getting through.

  • Isabelle

    I just installed AZIndex and it seems to be a great plugin. I created my first index and the page got created with the [az-index id=”1″] short code in it. But when I do preview, nothing but the title (aka Index name) shows. The page is empty, it does not list any of the posts or categories I have ( i have it set up as Categories in first heading).
    Thank you for your help!

  • Somebody has to continue the development of this plugin, the author seems to have abandoned it – if he is well in his health, which is doubtful considering even the situation in the website where all sort of spam is not cleaned.

  • When I try to group items together, the heading of the group sits right beside the first entry for that group instead of above it. For example if I had a tag (A) as the heading and three songs (1, 2, 3)it would be listed as:


    instead of

    How do I get that heading above the list? Thanks.

  • Wonderfull pluggin ! but… i have some problems
    see my index page :
    the order of informations is not in good order
    What i can do ?

  • Well,

    I was reviewing my paypal transactions recently and remembered that I had sent this author a $15.00 donation ($5.00 + $10.00) and thought I might get a thank you.

    I’d say this plugin is no longer. 🙁

    Paul Schlegel
    Founder, WorkAtHomeTruth – Real Home Business Ideas

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