Handling Punctuation

Select the following option in the settings page:

  • Ignore specified characters, like quotes, when sorting the index

Now, before you save the settings, look near the bottom of the page.  A new setting has appeared (you might have to scroll down to see it) where you can specify which characters the plugin should ignore when sorting the index.  (Note: this only applies when sorting headings, not subheadings or descriptions.)

By default, single and double quotes and included, so there is no need to add anything here.

If you scroll through the index below, you will see that the item beginning with the double quotes (“The Dante Club”) is no longer at the bottom of the index but is situated where it should be, slap bang in the middle of the “The”s.  The quotation marks are still included in the title, since they are in the title of the post, but they no longer affect the item’s position in the index.

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