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Index with Headings 2

In the index settings page, set the following two options:

  • Display an alphabetical heading at the start of every column
  • Insert a gap between entries beginning with a different character

Save and refresh the index page.  Now that’s a little better.  If you look below, the tops of both columns are balanced nicely with a heading–the word “(continued)” is added to the second column to indicate that there are more items beginning with “S” at the end of the previous column.  Also, notice how there’s more space between the end of one section and the heading of the next.

Important Note: the exact appearance of your index depends a great deal on the theme you are using with your blog.  By default, indexes will inherit the CSS styles set by your current theme, and in some cases may make them look pretty bad, with list bullets all over the place and odd looking colors.  If you are having problems like this, please consult the AZIndex FAQ for pointers on how to fix them.

Now that your index has headings, you can make better use of them by allowing readers to quickly jump to the start of each letter in the index.  The next page shows you how to do this.

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