Please help support the continued development of AZIndex, particularly if you are using the plugin in your work or as part of a for-profit website. All contributions, no matter what size, will be gratefully received.


I am working on creating a forum as a better way to people to provide feedback and ideas, and report problems. Until then, please use this page to give your feedback on AZIndex.

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  • Hi Mike,

    I use your plugin and all ok , only one question :
    The director of the magazine wants to see in the post the name and family name and in the index the opposite :

    John Lennon

    in the index

    L Lennon John – Imagine

    is it possible ? I did not see anything about in the site

    waiting for your kind reply


  • I love your plugging but I have a big problem :

    AZINDEX ERROR: Invalid az-index short-code found. A non-zero id parameter must be specified.
    Please notify blog/site administration of the problem.
    (Message from the AZIndex plugin)

    Now I have the last upgrade and each time that I display a page with AZindex
    I have this error message and my right menu drop to the bottom of my site.

  • I want to add an alphabetical list in my footer.php file so that when you click on that it takes you to the index page. I see the shortcode but how do I add it to a template file?


  • Sushi

    This plugin is generating 600+ queries! not good if you have too many posts! what is wrong?

  • Nigel Carr

    Hope you can help – I have looked at your web page and noticed the page widget on the left uses an accordian drop down menu, can you please tell me where I can download it.. I am using the same theme as this site, Thanks for any help

    Nigel Carr

  • Hi Mike,

    I posted this on April 12 on one of the other pages, but no answer, so I give it another chance here.

    First, it’s agreat plugin!!! I am building a bibliography site. Although learning fast, I’m not a php genius.
    Each post has a number of custom fields with the key “Author”. If I use your standard settings with “Author” as custom field, the index shows only the very first value of each post.
    How can I get all the “Author” values of each post? I put the following in my function.php but to no avail:
    add_filter(’azindex_display_item’, ‘my_author’, 10, 2);

    function my_author($item, $idindex) {
    if ($idindex == 2) {
    $authors = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘Author’, false);
    foreach($authors as $item) {
    return $item;
    Thank you for answering,

  • I love the plugin, but have a request while you are working on the settings page.

    Can you add in ‘category’ as a selection for the subheading? I’m using my site as a Lean Six Sigma encyclopedia (CMS), and want readers to know the type of post (category) next to the title. Any chance that this can make it in the 0.8.2?

    Down the road (and I suspect this is harder), is there a way to add content within the index itself? i.e. product placement ads near a related title

    Thanks again for the great plugin.

  • mario

    im interested how to make for example croatian language map..
    i couldnt find any documentation on that how to make one, so please when you find some time i would be glad to make one!
    thx for a really nice plugin!

  • Hi,

    I am attempting to use the plugin, however, I get a blank page. I disabled hypercache and I uninstalled A-Z, deleted the A-Z cache page, deleted the A-Z file folder and re-installed A-Z Index but I still receive the blank page. I tried using A-Z on a page and in a template but to no avail. Have you seen this happen to anyone else? I am using version 0.8.1.

    It’s set up in a
    It’s set up in a template here:

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    P.S. Sorry I posted on your 0.6 release page as well (wrong spot).

  • Hi

    I was trying to create an index where all tags for my site will be sorted alphabetically. Your Plugin does that beautifully, however I am trying to make a new page for each alphabet. For example ‘’ will list all the tags starting with the letter A and so on. Request you to guide me in how to achieve this.

    Would appreciate any help.

  • I love te colours and lay out of your blog, i really want to get hold of this theme, what are you using?

  • Joel


    Love it, just have one small question. I am using AZIndex to display all of my tags broken out alphabetically. I have noticed that if I choose ‘Tags’ from the Index Headings dropdown, it displays multiples of the same tag depending how many posts that tag is attached to – how do I get it to only list one instance of a tag that appears on multiple posts?

    Many thanks


  • You have a great blog here and it is Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy…keep up the good work 😉

  • Txus

    AZIndexes work great! But I have a question, is there any way to combine a link preview with AZIndexes? I mean, you are in the index page, you hover the link in the indez page, and a snapshot-like appears with a thumbnail of the page or the entry. AZIndexes can do that?

  • I am using WordPress 2.8 and the plugin has stopped working and all I am seeing on the Index Page is BLANK. I have tried deactivating uninstalling and deleting everything and also reinstalling it and can’t get it to work again… is there some help out there? See what I mean at:

  • The same with me. After I upgraded to WordPress 2.8 AZIndex gives a blank page. Deactivated, Deleted, Reinstalled – nothing worked. You can see it at

    • After upgrading to 2.8, I get the following error message with az-index:
      Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strtoupper() in /home/donsinno/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/azindex/az-index-cache.php on line 863
      Hope there is a fix for this soon, as I have no index

    • We get the same thing. Blank page, and the footer code is broken. Had to revert home page to not using static with azindex and instead just go blog style for now until azindex compatibility with 2.8 upgrade is fixed.

  • anthony

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you very much for the great plugin!
    I want to have index based on tags and categories, for example if I have three categories:

    asked questions

    I want it display such as
    A asked questions
    B basic
    Z zooe
    when visitors click on the link, they go to the link of that specific category. It works similar for the tags.

    Is there any possiblity of AZIndex to do that? If not, when do you update this feature?
    – Anthony –

  • Hello,
    I just love this Plugin – It’s smart and well-built. Just set it up and love your tutorial on AZIndex plugin page. Thank you so much.

    Followed your instructions on how to set up the alphabet index to appear up top and at the bottom, and mine still does not appear at the bottom yet after several refresh:

    I checked both of these boxes as per your instructions:
    x Display page links above the index (default)
    x Display page links below the index

    Any ideas please?

    Thank you,

  • Israel

    It appears AZ Index is not compatible with WordPress 2.8.

    • Not sure what you mean but it seems to be fine for me, except for the minor detail above in my original comment. I have been using it for 4 days now, actively, and with no problem.
      Here is one of my indices if you were interested.
      What is the problem?

    • Israel

      I figured it out. I did a fresh install on my host, bare bones, plus az, and it still broke the page. So I went to another host, did fresh install, import of my posts, and az install and setup, and it worked. The difference? My new host has php5, whereas my other host runs PHP version 4.4.9. I think then it can be confirmed that azindex does not work with PHP version 4.4.9 at the very least, but certainly does not work with php 4.4.9 and WP 2.8. It will however work with WP 2.8 on a host running php5 or higher.

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