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Index with Headings

A simple, two column index still looks a bit bland, and it’s difficult for readers to scan through a dense block of items to find what they’re looking for.  So it’s time to start playing with some more options.

First, go back to the index settings page and select:

  • Display alphabetical headings

Save your changes, refresh your index page, and lo and behold, you have an index that is divided into groups according to the letter they start with.

Note that the headings are also links that take you back to the top of the page when clicked.

But there are still a couple of minor cosmetic issues.  First the blog’s theme causes the gap below the headings to be larger than the gap above, which looks a little odd.  Second there is no heading at the top of the second column, which throws the look of the index off a little.

We could solve the positioning of the headings by modifying the CSS stylesheet of the theme or the index, but there is an easier way, as you will see on the next page.

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