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Alphabetical Links 2

In the index settings page, select the following options:

  • Include unused characters in the alphabetical links
  • Use two rows for the alphabetical links
  • Put all index items starting with non-alphanumeric characters at the end of the index

Turning on these three options affects the appearance of the alphabetical links, and makes slight change in the order of the index itself.

Now, all the unused characters in the index (“Q”, “X”, “Z”, etc.) now make an appearance in the links, although they can’t be clicked on (for obvious reasons), and the links are split into two rows, since including the entire alphabet and all the numbers could give you a very long line that spills over into the margins of the page.

Finally, you may have noticed that the item “The Dante Club” (quotes included) has moved to the end of the index.  This option is provided because items starting with punctuation marks, like “?”, “!”, and single and double quotes, will normally appear at the top of your index, but in book indexes they are often tucked away at the end on the last page.

But, in this case, the item that was moved should not really be at the end of the index either, since readers will expect to see something called “The Dante Club” under “T” along with the rest of the items beginning with “The”.   And, yes, you guessed it, there is an option to solve that problem too–just go to the next page to see it in action.

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