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Book Reviews 2

Here is the same index, but with a third level of detail and couple of different styling options added. Excerpts from the posts have been added as descriptions for each entry. The two additional options are

  • Use customized stylesheets: allowing the use of customized CSS styles for the index.
  • Enable CSS striping: used to add alternating styling for entries in the index.

Then there was a fair amount of tinkering with the CSS in the settings page to get the look you can see below (I’m not exactly an expert in CSS!).  This is just one example that shows the sort of styling you can accomplish with a bit of effort.

NOTE: I should warn you at this point that I will be rewriting the HTML/CSS generating code for the plugin sometime in the next two or three months, to get rid of the quirks and make it much easier for people to modify.  So if you decide to customize an index’s stylesheet right now, be warned that you will probably have to make some changes when I make the changes.  But don’t let that put you off having a go with AZIndex, and I will give plenty of warning before that happens.

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