Welcome to the New AZIndex Website!

Welcome to the new home of AZIndex, where you can learn more than you could possibly want to know about using the AZIndex plugin.

The site is organized into several sections to help you navigate your way to the information you’re looking for:

  • First, there’s the new AZIndex Blog, where you are now.  I will be posting updates, announcements, and hints and tips about AZIndex here, along with other items of interest to WordPress bloggers.  I already have a few very useful hints and tips waiting in the wings.  Just click on the site’s title at the top of the page to get back here at any time.
  • Next there is the main AZIndex section which provides you with an overview of the plugin and what it can do, and where you subscribe to the email announcements list, or report feedback on your experiences, good or bad, with the plugin.
  • There is the Gallery, containing various live examples the types of index you can create with AZIndex.
  • Then, if you are just getting started with AZIndex, you can let the Tutorial help you up and running.  Every page has another live example of an index created by the plugin.
  • But if you are an experienced user and want to dive right in, go ahead.  You can always consult the Reference Section if you get stuck, or want to learn all about the more advanced features AZIndex has to offer.

If you want to keep up with all the latest developments with the plugin, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feeds (top right) or the Announcements mailing list.  Otherwise, have a look around.  If you have any suggestions on how to make the site better, just let me know on the feedback page or via email.

The site and the plug are both works in progress.  I will continue to update the site as the plugin evolves and as time allows.

Finally, if you have made AZIndex an integral part of your blog, and especially if you are blogging for profit or as part of your employment, please consider clicking on the Donate button on the right of this page and expressing your support and appreciation for the many hours of work that have gone into creating this plugin.

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