AZIndex 0.8.1 Released

Well, things have been pretty quiet since AZIndex 0.8.0 was released a couple of days ago which, I guess, means that everyone is running with it just fine. There was one bug reported, though (hat tip to Arnaud for catching that one) and I realized that there really should be a display filter which allows […]

Polls Galore

I have just added a new Survey page to the site where, with a few clicks of the mouse button, you can give your feedback on how you are using AZIndex, and what you most like about it. As a bonus, it also gives you the chance to vote for the feature you would most […]

Welcome to the New AZIndex Website!

Welcome to the new home of AZIndex, where you can learn more than you could possibly want to know about using the AZIndex plugin.

The site is organized into several sections to help you navigate your way to the information you’re looking for:

First, there’s the new AZIndex Blog, where you […]