Please help support the continued development of AZIndex, particularly if you are using the plugin in your work or as part of a for-profit website. All contributions, no matter what size, will be gratefully received.


I thought it would be interesting—and fun—to solicit a little anonymous feedback from the users of AZIndex, so I have thrown together a few polls for you to answer, if you can spare a couple of minutes.

If you have more to say, feel free to provide more information about your answers using the comment form at the bottom of the page.

How many indexes are you using on your site?

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How many items (posts) are there in your index?

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How important is AZIndex to your site?

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Which feature of AZIndex is the most important to you?

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Which feature would you most like to see added to AZIndex?

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8 comments to Survey

  • I tried to use this about a month or two ago, and it didn’t work out. I tried again today on another site, and it’s almost perfect! Only I cannot find the place where I can alter the CSS for the index, and my li bullets are showing where I don’t want them.

    On the extremely positive side, I want to give you the highest praise for such well-written documentation! I’ve tried a bazillion plug-ins in my short 2-3 months of creating websites in WordPress — many of which may be great, but so many developers don’t (or won’t) explain how to use them, so I’ve de-installed half-a-bazillion plug-ins.

    For that reason alone, you will be getting my first donation when I can afford to make one! Of course, this is a great tool that you’ve created, and I thank you!

    • Hi Marilyn — thank you for your kind words, it’s always nice to know my work on the docs is appreciated 🙂

      Regarding CSS, in the settings page for your index select the option: Use customized stylesheets for the index and you will be able to access the CSS used for your index. There are two stylesheets, so be sure to select the one for the options you are using (ungrouped or grouped subheadings).

      Depending on your theme, you might also have to fiddle with the theme’s CSS to get rid of the bullets (or perhaps use the !important tag) — have a look in the FAQ page on this site for a little more information.

      Let me know if you need more help.


  • My WordPress site is still in development.

    I love AZIndex! I would love to create a new index which would become a sidebar widget. The index categories, like Accountants, Doctors, Landscapers, etc., when clicked would lead to the center column, with a list of the accountants in town. I use Atahualpa theme too, by the way.

    Is there a way to turn AZindex into a widget?

  • Hello. I am mightily impressed with your plug-in – I’ve been looking for something like this for AGES.

    I wish for one feature though: that I could use it to sort lists of child categories too. For example, I have a category called ‘writers’ on my book review website, and in that is all of the writers that appear on the site as sub categories. They are sub categories themselves because I want to be able to create an index page that lists all the books by a particular writer, as well as list all the books on the site. I can do this with WordPress category pages but I can’t make them look fancy with your plugin, as it only sorts lists of pages/posts, not categories (as far as I can tell). So how about putting that in the next version?

    Right, off to donate anyway, because those indexes that your plugin does work with now look a lot better. Thanks!

  • romain_becket

    Hello Mike,
    Thanks for your post Andy because I do agree with you for the categories list feature.
    I add this
    $output .= ”.”.$item[‘head’].$cont.”.$cr;

    to az-index-content.php to transform head category to a link but it’s handwork.

    It’s really a great plugin and a great blog Mike !

  • I would like to see a feature implemented that would allow category index subpages. This would come in handy specifically for my website.

    example from top level:


    A-Z Listing

    – -Alec Bradley
    – – -Article 1
    – – -Article 2
    – -Arturo Fuente
    – – -Article 1
    – – -Article 2

    Each dash represents a new page in the index, so when you are dealing with volumes of categories, there is less clutter because you do not see the posts initially. It seems like this has already been discussed just by looking at the reference section, but it needs implementation.

  • Kenneth

    I’d like to see some sort of default page other than the first available letter, be it “A”, “B”, “D”, etc. I currently have only a few letters set up and it defaults to “M”, which I dislike. I’d rather have something else on a default page, and then allow the user to click the letter of their choosing.

  • I also commented but wanted to add this here (since I took the survey)

    This is the BEST plugin I’ve ever used…it did exactly what I needed (to create a directory, military health information resources, a non-profit (free) resource for military members/vets/families). Unfortunately I had to move to Typepad (for numerous reasons).

    In TPad my plan allows me to customize my theme/layout/contents using HTML and/or CSS,
    any chance the code can be tweaked for that? The AZPlugin is what I really miss the most out of everything I used in WPress and people really found it beneficial!!
    THANK YOU! for creating such a SIMPLE TO USE plugin that does SO much.
    Hopefully there is a way to work on the code for TypePad, I would really (really) appreciate any help or info (because I know some code stuff but not nearly enough … ) Again, thank you very much!

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