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Welcome to the AZIndex website, where people come to learn about the AZIndex plugin.

AZIndex is a WordPress plugin for publishing stylish and easy-to-maintain indexes for your blog.  There is a long list of options to chose from, allowing you to fine-tune the appearance and content of your indexes, and there is no limit to the number you can create.  For a full list of features, see the AZIndex Plugin Home Page.

This site contains many working examples of indexes generated by AZIndex, from the very basic to much more sophisticate and tailored indexes.

You can use this site in one of three ways:

  • As a demo site.  If you just want to see what AZIndex can do, simply select the example of your choice from the list of pages in the Gallery section on the left.
  • As a tutorial.  If you are just getting started with AZIndex, you may follow the links at the bottom of each page to work your way through the information on how to install the plugin and learn how to create all kinds of indexes for your blog.
  • As a reference manual.  if you want to know how to use one of the more sophisticated features of AZIndex, you can go directly to that information by selecting the appropriate page from the links on the left.

For those of you just getting started, you can begin the first tutorial by clicking here.

Finally, like the AZIndex plugin, this site is a work in progress.  I will add more examples and information as time permits and when the mood takes me.  In the meantime, you can leave any comments or questions you have about the plugin or this site at the AZIndex Feedback Page or via email to

Note: The website is a work in progress and will probably continue to be so as I add more documentation and demos for the plugin.

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