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Multipage Index 2

And finally, just to finish things off, select the following two options:

  • Display page links above the index (default)
  • Display page links below the index

This adds page links to the top and bottom of each index page, which is useful if each page is a long one.  In the previous example, you saw the page links at the top of the menu even though the first of these options was not selected.  This is because you must always have one set of page links available if you want a multipage index.  The option is there because if you select the option to have page links below the index, you can decide whether or not you still want the page links above the index as well.

For the sample index below, the number of items per page has also been reduced–to eight–to show what happens to the page links if you have a larger number of pages in your index.  Extra page links are provided for you to step quickly through the index, with the dots signifying that there are more pages to come in either direction.

Note: it is not currently possible to change the maximum number of page links displayed from the settings page.

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[az-index id=”9″]

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